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I would like to designate the CMP as the recipient of my United Way contribution, but don't see you listed. How do we designate the CMP for the donation?

In step 3 of the donation form, in the place for Agency name - write "Civilian Marksmanship Program". Address is: 1401 Commerce Blvd., Anniston AL 36207.

Will the CMP accept a voter registration card as proof of US citizenship?

No, we will not accept the voter registration card. Public Law 104-99 prohibits federal agencies from accepting voter registration cards or other similar documents as proof of citizenship. Since the Federal Government does not accept a voter registration card as proof of citizenship, neither will the CMP. We do not know the logic behind the law.

When will M-14ís be available from the CMP?

Although one never knows what may happen in the future, we doubt that M-14ís will ever be available for purchase from the CMP.

I belong to a Veteranís Organization, does that count as an affiliated club?

Yes, starting in 2005 Congressionally chartered veteransí organizations (VFW, American Legion, etc.) are recognized as CMP special affiliates. Any member of these organizations, who wishes to purchase military surplus items from the CMP and fulfills all other requirements, may purchase those items by submitting proof of membership.

How do I become a member of the CMP?

At this time there is no direct membership in the CMP. Membership is through one of our affiliated clubs or organizations. There are currently over 1800 affiliated organizations. All of our shooting events are accessible to anyone regardless of their affiliation or club membership, but to purchase anything from the CMP, an individual must show proof of belonging to an affiliated club or organization.

How do I find out about affiliated clubs in my area?

Log on to www.odcmp.com and look under the link marked club info. Find the link on the club info page that lists all of our affiliated clubs. 

I want to get involved in CMP competitions, where can I get information on opportunities in my area?

Locate affiliated clubs or organizations in your area and learn what CMP related competitions or events they sponsor.

I heard the CMP gives out free ammo to juniors, how do I get in that program?

The free ammo program was discontinued years ago when the surplus smallbore ammo was exhausted. 

The CMP is a non-profit organization, what does it do with the proceeds from rifle sales?

All revenue not needed to fund current operations is deposited into a permanent endowment to fund future programs and operations once all rifles have been sold.

How does one become a candidate for the CMP Board of Directors?

Send your request and qualifications to judy@civilianmarksmanshipprogram.com 

Why has the CMP gone to 100% NICS checks?

  1. For the customer it further simplifies the purchase application process and reduces the amount of paper the customer has to copy and send to CMP.
  2. For the CMP it standardizes the process and allow us to automate the background check function.  We no longer have to check each application against the ATF list to see if whatever the customer provided is acceptable (or grand fathered) or not acceptable.
  3. We do not have to concern ourselves that the copy of the FFL, C&R, or CCW (often blurred and hard to read) may be forged or completely bogus.  Remember that even a picture ID has little value when the person sending it in is not standing in front of us.

I am applying for a surplus M1 Garand, and on the application form there is a space for my ID number.  I do not, as yet, have such a number, so I ask you, is it a requirement, and if it is, how do I get such a number?

This is something new.  When you place your next order, our software system will assign you a number that will remain yours for the life of the CMP.  It will be annotated at the top of the shipping document you receive with your next rifle or parts order.  It will help to speed up future orders.  Just leave the space blank on the application until you are assigned one.

Will .45s be available through the CMP?


How many M1 rifles may I purchase per year?

Purchase of M1 Garand rifles is limited to twelve (12) per customer per calendar year - regardless of grades purchased.

The CMP occasionally also conducts other special sales programs as assets become available. These special sales and purchases through the CMP auction site do not count against the above.

Iím in the U.S. military. Am I still required to belong to another affiliated club to meet the club requirement for the purchase of a rifle from the CMP?

No. The military services are special affiliates.  A copy of your current/retiree  military ID card serves to prove as membership in a CMP affiliated organization.

Do I need to participate in another qualifying match?

Your application must include proof of firearms activity unless you are in one the following categories:

  • Active duty military, Reserves and Retirees – Submit a copy of your military ID card.
  • Veterans – Submit a copy of your DD214 (discharge papers showing honorable discharge.
  • Age 60 or older – Submit proof of age.
  • Handicapped or disabled and cannot participate in a qualifying match - submit a physicians report with application.

How long will it take to receive my rifle after I send my application?

If your application is complete, your rifle will be shipped within 20 - 30 work days of receipt of your application, unless longer lead times are identified in item descriptions.

Several of us applied at the same time. All the others have received their rifles weeks ago. Why haven’t I received mine?

If all of the applications were the same  you should have received your rifle along with the others. If you haven’t, e-mail custserve@odcmp.com for an answer to your question. 

If all applications were not the same then the time to process and ship will vary. E-mail for the latest status of your order.

FEDEX delivered the rifle today and it was damaged. What should I do?

If there is any damage to the packaging and the FEDEX driver is still there, ask him/her to fill out a claim form. If they’ve already left before you saw the damage, call 1-800-GO-FEDEX and report the damage. Be sure to have the FEDEX tracking number from the shipping label handy. Once you’ve filed the claim please call us at 256-835-8455 and report the damage. We will determine whether the rifle should be returned to us or not and whether to repair or exchange the rifle.

If there is no obvious damage to the package, but there is damage to the rifle, call us at (256) 835-8455 ext. 10 and we will make arrangements as appropriate. Because of the age and condition of the wood (stocks), we occasionally experience cracked stocks during shipment (without any indication of damage to the cartons). Please call us and we will replace the damaged wood.

FEDEX delivers while I’m at work. Can you have them just leave the package?

Sorry, we won’t do that. We require that the driver obtain an adult signature for each package. If no one is at home, FEDEX leaves a notice and a number for you to call to arrange delivery or pickup at their terminal. If FEDEX fails to deliver after three attempts, they will either call us for instructions or return the package to Anniston.

What comes with the M1 rifle?

 The rifle does come with a Safety Manual, Certificate of Authenticity suitable for framing, and a clip.

I just received the rifle and it won’t function correctly. What do I do?

If your rifle won’t function correctly, send an email to custserve@odcmp.com describing the problem and someone will contact you. If you do not have email capability call (256) 835-8455 for assistance.

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