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The CMP has completely scrapped our old shopping cart and has set up an ESTORE.  Our old shopping cart was a dinosaur and did nothing more than take information from a customer and generate an email to a clerk who had to re-input all data.

The ESTORE tracks on-hand inventory and allows us to either accept or refuse backorders for an item when that item reaches zero balance. Items that we expect to replenish (tools, memorabilia, etc) will remain on the ESTORE list and we will accept orders for those items. When an item that we are not expecting to replenish (M1 parts, M14 parts, carbine parts, etc) sell out, those items will be automatically deleted from the ESTORE list and will no longer be sold by the CMP.

In setting up the ESTORE, we were not able to convert very much data from the previous system, and so anyone desiring to use the ESTORE will have to register as a new user by going to and following the instructions for NEW USERS. The instructions direct the customer to send an email to with some preliminary information. Once we receive these emails, our staff establishes/updates a record for the customer and we respond to the customer by email and instruct the customer to once again go to and click on the ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ link and follow on-screen instructions. The ESTORE responds almost instantly via email with an assigned password. NOTE: Password is case sensitive. Upon receipt of password, customers may retain assigned password, or change password to one more to their liking.

When a customer uses a credit card to make a purchase, ESTORE automatically verifies (as a security feature) that the customer information in our system matches EXACTLY with the billing information at the credit card company. Any mismatch will result in ESTORE rejecting the order. Many customers have already registered and used ESTORE successfully – so we know the system works as designed. NOTE: CMP accepts VISA and MC credit cards only. CMP does not accept AMEX credit cards or any debit or check cards – ESTORE is set to reject these cards.

By law, the CMP is authorized to sell military surplus items only to U.S. citizens who are also members of affiliated clubs. ESTORE checks all orders against the customer information on file and will not accept an order if our records do not show that we have proof on file, or if the membership in an affiliated club has expired. ESTORE will also reject the order if the club has failed to renew its affiliation with the CMP.

Most of our customers have provided the required personal proof with past orders, and we have an ongoing effort to search through old files and update records. The CMP has never maintained customer files, but has maintained rifle sales files with customer information included. We are now in process of establishing a file for each of our thousands of customers, but this process will take months and customers may find it more expedient to simply provide proof of meeting eligibility requirements, rather than wait for the CMP to complete building customer files.

In converting to the new system “ELLIOTT” we have chosen to not input or import old sales data per customer, but rather we chose to start the system fresh. Although customers cannot view order history prior to July 1, 2003, they can view current orders as we enter them into the system.

ESTORE is based on customer email addresses as logins, and CMP will use this database for the distribution of sales updates and newsletters. We strongly recommend everyone to register as a new user and get on our mailing lists. CMP does not sell or distribute our mailing list to anyone.

ELLIOTT and ESTORE are new systems and we are very excited by the enhancements they bring to the CMP. We still have much to learn about all the capabilities and expect it will be several months before we can exploit everything these systems offer.

We thank all our customers for their continued support in this effort.

Orest Michaels

Chief Operating Officer

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